Frequently Asked Questions
SupremeYield is an invite-only investor community.. You can either receive our direct invite or make a request. Our expert panel will review your credentials and approve your request. While applying, don't forget to add your LinkedIn profile URL and referral details.
Currently, SupremeYield showcases asset classes in India. If you are a foreign citizen who is interested to invest in Indian assets, you can contact us. However, taking counsel from your legal advisors before making an investment decision is advised.
You can connect with us by dropping an email at or writing to Anas Rahman Junaid or Vinod Jose on Linkedin with the subject SupremeYield.
We have been successfully investing in various asset classes over the last 10 years including equities, real estate, bonds, startups, funds, special opportunities, private businesses, art, rolex watches etc.
We curate high potential investment opportunities in each asset class which will be show cased to you. You can then contact the deal sponsor to get more information and conduct your independent due diligence to arrive at an investment decision. In certain asset classes, such as Startups, you can also join a focused investor group and invest as a syndicate. .
SupremeYield is a listing platform that currently showcases opportunities in Real Estate, Bonds and Startups in India. In the future, we will also add Art, Rolex Watches and Special Projects.
You can find all the preliminary details on the detail page of each opportunity. However, you can acquire additional information by directly connecting with the deal sponsor.
You can finalize your investments after conducting an independent due diligence and seeking legal counsel. You can decide based on the asset category you select and your financial abilities.
Once you identify a suitable investment opportunity from our listing, you can contact the deal sponsor directly. You can acquire additional information on funding from them. SupremeYield acts only as a listing platform and does not have any involvement in your funding decisions.
You can reach out to with the details or or write to Anas or Vinod on Linkedin with the subject SupremeYield - Investment Opportunity. Our team will verify them and reach out to you.
SupremeYield only has verified High Networth Individualsas members in our investor community who are based in India or worldwide, with a keen interest to grow their investment portfolio. SupremeYield showcases the opportunities in select asset classes s. Our Members, if interested, will connect with the deal sponsors directly to seek additional information.
Anyone who has surplus funds to allocate and understands the risk-return characteristics of each asset class can invest. SupremeYield focuses on sophisticated investors and provides them with the opportunity to make data-driven investment decisions.
As per the Indian legal system, foreign citizens can also make investments in Indian assets. However, you have to ensure that it is in compliance with your resident country's regulations.